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Why Help Nature?

There is now widespread recognition of what conservationists have known for years - we have cleared far too much land in South Australia and lost precious native plant and animal communities in many regions.

The inevitable competition between wildlife and agriculture has seen wildlife steadily decline. Many natural wetlands were drained before we understood their vital importance to our ecology.  Our most arid deserts, thought to be ecological wastelands, have proved to sustain the last populations of some incredibly tough plants and animals not previously recorded.  Much of our remaining native vegetation occurs as small, scattered remnants, often on shallow, rocky and less-productive soils. As corridors of bushland have been interrupted, small birds, reptiles, animals and insects have been isolated and their numbers fallen, often all the way to extinction.

Help us work toward reversing the following alarming statistics

Today one quarter of terrestrial vascular plants and vertebrate animals in South Australia are considered threatened, this includes:

  • 63% of mammals
  • 22% of birds
  • 17% of reptiles and
  • 23% of vascular plants are formally listed as threatened in South Australia.

Additionally, we are allowing the vital ecological communities that these animals require for survival to slip away. 33 of South Australia's ecological communities in the Mediterranean biome are threatened with a further 9 ecological communities considered threatened in the arid biome.

You can Help Nature

Join thousands of South Australians who are helping protect, save and restore nature with a tax deductable donation or consider making an ongoing monthly contribution.

Whatever your contribution – and no matter how small – it will help save, protect and restore Nature in South Australia.


What Membership do you suit?

Individual $30 | Couple $50 | Family $60 | Individual Lifetime $900

Businesses can become a corporate member or partner with us by providing sponsorship for any one of our programs, from on-the-ground projects, to events, research grants, scholarships, community programs.

Individuals, Couples and Families can join the Nature Foundation. Or you can donate funds, land, in kind support or volunteer your time and expertise, or you can become a member or consider a bequest (link to bequest brochure), ensuring a legacy beyond your lifetime.

Member benefits include: our quarterly newsletter and regular communication updating you with all our news, events and voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. More importantly, you will be joining a growing list of committed individuals and companies that have decided to help us draw a line in the sand and prevent further native species loss.