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Our Work

Here are just some of the ways we are helping Nature - thanks to people like you!


  • Creates grants for conservation research and on-ground conservation projects.
  • Creates grants to assist with the purchase of land for the National Parks Reserve System.
  • Supports our conservationists of the future through grants and post-graduate scholarships at the three SA universities.
  • Learn more about our Grants.

BushBank SA

  • Contributes to the protection of native vegetation on private land through the BushbankSA revolving fund program;
  • NFSA has a $1.5 million 'revolving' fund through which we purchase, protect and on-sell private land with significant conservation value.
  • Visit the BushbankSA Website for more information.

Water For Nature

  • Generates donations of water and funds to buy water to deliver to thirsty River Murray wetlands.
  • Visit the Water for Nature Website for more information.

Para Woodlands Restoration

  • Reclaims and revegetates the Para Woodlands grazing and cropping property through a 10-year, $1.2m project with a long term goal to restore native vegetation resembling its pre-clearing condition.  This is a project in partnership with the State Government.
  • Learn more about the Para Woodlands Restoration.

Nature Gains

  • Develops opportunities for business to either make voluntary commitments to conservation or meet environmental obligations under legislation.

Saving Species

  • Halts the decline of our native species through funding research, on-the-ground projects, surveys and community programs, in partnership with universities, government departments, private companies, the SA Museum and our zoos.
  • Engages and educates the community through activities wherever possible. 
  • Favours those projects linked into regional programs that extend across the National Park/Reserve System and private landholdings.
  • See our past achievements.

Conserving Native Bushland Habitat

  • Manages land donated to us for restoration and revegetation.
  • Operates BushbankSA – a fund established with Commonwealth and State Government money to buy private property with habitat value, protect it and on-sell it to private owners who care.
  • Funds surveys and research that identify and map the distribution of some of our rarest plants and helps us to better understand their ecology.
  • See our past achievements.

Community & Education

  • Works to raise community awareness of the importance of nature conservation and responsibility for protecting the environment.
  • Develops and participates in cooperative ventures and projects with other conservation bodies.
  • Creates networks between researchers, Nature Foundation SA members and the conservation community to pass on their knowledge.
  • See our past achievements.