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Para Woodlands

Para Woodlands – a restoration challenge

Para Woodlands

Area: 320ha (3.2 sq km)
Location: 5km North - East of Gawler
Consisting: Revegetation of native grass and plant species
Acquired: 2003

Para Woodlands is a former farming property generously donated by Mrs Law-Smith and her late husband David to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and Nature Foundation SA. The aim is to restore the natural ecosystem to conserve wildlife. The property consists of existing remnant vegetation, including River Red Gum, Peppermint Box, SA Blue Gum, native grasses and herbs. The Para Woodlands Restoration Project is mainly focusing on restoring a functioning grassy ecosystem to the site. It includes maintaining remnant vegetation, revegetation of local native species and eradication of weedy species. By restoring Para Woodlands it is hoped that threatened woodland bird species of the Mount Lofty Ranges will restabilise in this area.

A case study for the work being carried out at Para Woodlands can be found on the Million Trees website.

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