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Tiliqua – A Pygmy Bluetongue Reserve


Area: 85 ha (0.85 sq km)
Location: 10km North - West of Burra
Consisting: Conservation of the Pygmy Bluetongue
Acquired: 2010

Tiliqua is the generic name for Bluetongue lizards. Tiliqua adelaidenis is the scientific name for the Pygmy Bluetongue lizard which was thought to be extinct. In 1992, it was rediscovered in an area to the north west of Burra. At that time, on the one hectare area upon which the Pygmy Bluetongues were discovered, 200 individuals were counted. The secret of their survival are twofold. Firstly, they only survive on native grasslands that remain untilled; secondly, it seems these grasslands need to be grazed to some extent. Professor, Mike Bull from the Flinders University and his staff have been working on the conservation of the Pygmy Bluetongue through their continued research at this site.

Tiliqua Lizard

Click here for our Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard brochure (PDF Download).

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