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Witchelina – An arid land form reserve


Area: 421,000 ha (4219 sq km)
Location: 30 km North - West of Lyndhurst
Consisting: Conservation of 9 Arid Land Systems
Acquired: 2010

Witchelina is a former pastoral property comprises a magnificent outback expanse extending from Lake Torrens in the south to Marree in the north. It spans three bioregions; the property covers three distinct biological associations – Willouran, Mulgarie and Marree – which in turn are divided into nine land systems. The conservation of the Witchelina is a very significant attribute for biodiversity in this state.

You are now able to visit Witchelina through a 4WD trail which takes you past the stunning Willouran Ranges and through the Mount Nor'West Gorge. View our brochure for more details.

Click here to view more information on Witchelina (PDF Download) or visit the Witchelina page on the National Reserve System website.

Click here to view a map of Witchelina provided by the Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation (PDF Download).

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