Our Committees


Our committees comprise 30 committee members external to NFSA Council members.

Finance, Governance & Legal Committee

Nicholas Edwards (Chair), Susie Herzberg, Bob Lott and Joshua Teague

Land Acquisition Committee

David Moyle AM (Chair), Bob Lott, Greg Toop, Dr Bob Inns and Brenton Grear (DEWNR)

Property Management Committee

Chris Reed (Chair), Bob Lott, David Moyle AM, Dr Bob Sharrad AM, Millie Nicholls, Brenton Arnold, Dr Travis How and Kaz Herbst

Research, Projects & Education Committee

Dr Bob Sharrad AM (Chair), Dr Rob Morrison OAM, Dr David Hansman, Susie Herzberg, Dr Travis How and Jody Gates (DEWNR)

Science Review Committee

Susie Herzberg (Chair), Dr Rob Morrison OAM, Dr David Hansman, Millie Nicholls, Travis How and Jody Gates (DEWNR)

Significant Environmental Benefit Development (SEB) Committee

Bob Lott (Chair), David Moyle AM, Chris Reed, Trevor Whitelaw and John Gavin (or proxy Deb Agnew)

Water For Nature Committee

Tony Sharley (Chair), Bob Lott, David Moyle AM, Greg Toop, Phil Cole, Dr Anne Jensen, Steve Clark, Peter Forward, Dan Mollison and Andrew Beal (DEWNR)

Water For Nature Technical Advisory Group

Professor Mike Young, Deb Nias, Mark Siebentritt and Keith Walker

Carbon Capture & Carbon Credits Working Group

Suzanne Ridding (Chair), Bob Lott, David Moyle AM, Nicholas Newland AM, Dr Tim Moore            and John Gavin

Fundraising, Marketing & Events Committee

Bob Lott (Chair), Dr Rob Morrison OAM, Dr Barbara Hardy AO, Bec Hardy and Nicholas Newland AM.

Ecotourism Committee

Chris Reed (Chair), Bob Lott, Anne Sellar, Lange and Inara Powell, Barry and Maureen Wright

Friends Of Nature Foundation SA Committee

John Sibly AM (Chair), Ric Williams (Deputy), Dene Cordes PSM, Dr Barbara Hardy AO, Graeme Oats, Kaz Herbst, Jenny Steele Scott OAM, Janet Cotton, Graham Henley, Vilis Vasileviskas, Mandy Wallace and Shirley Rowe.

The Friends of Nature Foundation SA, under the leadership of President John Sibly AM, have been great supporters over numerous years and are involved with events, Grand Working Bees and assistance in the office.