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Nature Foundation


Nature Foundation is an apolitical not-for-profit foundation that invests in conserving, restoring and protecting South Australian landscapes, flora and fauna to ensure their survival. We aim to lead the way in sustainable nature conservation. Find out more about the history of Nature Foundation.

We invest in a broad portfolio of activities including:

Nature Foundation is a registered charity and relies upon supportersmembers and donors to support its vital work.

We are committed to scientific research to address critical knowledge-gaps about our ecosystems. 

Knowledge underpins Nature Foundation's work to ensure we are making the most efficient, effective and valuable contributions to nature conservation.

Conserving nature is critical to the health of all human populations.

Our vital nature conservation work is needed to sustainably manage South Australia's unique biodiversity, landscapes and waters for future generations, and to connect with and inspire more people to conserve our beautiful natural environment.

We are respectful of the cultural integrity of Aboriginal Traditional owners.