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Nature Foundation is a not-for-profit nature charity working to Save, Protect and Restore South Australia's natural biodiversity.

Nature Foundation Science Strategy 2018–2023

Nature Foundation has developed a Science Strategy 2018-2023. The Vision and Purpose of the Science Strategy is to deliver the best possible science based outcomes for conservation in South Australia and directly underpin the decision making of Nature Foundation.
Nature Foundation’s broad research priorities for 2018-2023 are:

  1. The ecological and landscape issues pertaining to our properties.
  2. Ecological issues pertaining to either threatened or over-abundant species.
  3. The material advancement of conservation and/or restoration of South Australian terrestrial, marine and freshwater ecosystems.
  4. To provide ecosystem resilience towards climate change.
  5. To improve the connection between community and nature through activities including ecotourism, citizen science and/or other engagement methodologies.
  6. Water – especially including but not limited to – Water for Nature activities, and the Murray River.

Please click here to view a copy of our Science Strategy.

Research on our Nature Reserves

We partner with researchers - collaborating partners, visiting researchers and research grant recipients - who are interested in undertaking research that aligns with our Science Strategy. Researchers and university students who wish to undertake research on our nature reserves are required to obtain approval through our Nature Conservation Committee. 

Research proposals will be considered for approval at quarterly Nature Conservation Committee meetings. The next meetings are scheduled for 4 August 2020, 3 November 2020 and 9 February 2021 with future dates to be advised. Research proposals must be submitted to Nature Foundation a minimum of two weeks prior to the meeting date and be accompanied by the following:

Nature Foundation has implemented a number of programs to focus on the following key conservation areas:

Water For Nature

Water For Nature conducts environmental watering projects along the Murray-Darling River, in partnership with the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office.
Find out more about Water For Nature


BushbankSA exists to preserve patches of remnant native vegetation with high conservation value on private land in South Australia.
Find out more about BushbankSA

Industry Partnerships

Nature Foundation works with the resource sector to provide third party Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) offsets for vegetation clearance liabilities under the Native Vegetation Act 1991
Find out more about our Industry Partnerships

Research Grants

Nature Foundation funds high-level conservation research projects on and off its land. To date we have provided over $2 million worth of funding in our 35 year history. Find out more about our Grants Program.