Research Grant Reports

Nature Foundation SA has funded a range of diverse projects over the years which have contributed to the conservation of plants, species and habitat in our environment.

Simon D Goldsworthy, Alice I Mackay, Peter D Shaughnessy, Fred Bailleul and Dirk Holman: Maintaining the monitoring of pup production at key Australian sea lion colonies in South Australia 2014/12015

Laurence Berry, David Lindenmayer & Don Driscoll: Large unburnt areas, not small unburnt patches, are needed to conserve avian diversity in fire-prone landscapes (pdf)

Fernando Diaz-Aguirre: Social Dynamics and Genetic Structure of the Newly Described, Endemic Burrunan Dolphin (Tursiops australis) in Eyre Peninsula, South Australia (pdf)

Hannah Bannister: Factors influencing the reintroduction success of the burrowing bettong (Bettongia lesueur) to arid Australia (pdf)

You Li: Conservation Genetics of an Endangered Marsupial, the Southern Brown Bandicoot (pdf)

Elizabeth Lescheid: Pike Floodplain Bird Monitoring (pdf)

Chloe McSkimming: Forecasting the future of seagrass ecosystems under global and local impacts (pdf)

John Butler: Assessment of pollination rates and colonization of revegetation areas of Cygnet Park (pdf)

Melissa Jensen: Habitat use of the western barred bandicoot (Perameles bouganville) at Arid Recovery Reserve (pdf)

Clare McLean: Geographic variation of colour morphs in tawny dragon lizards: potential causes and role in biodiversity (pdf)

Casey O'Brien: Population Management Options for the Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat (pdf)

Marina Louter & Amy Slender: Biodiversity Offset Strategy for Impacts to the Thick-Billed Grasswren (Eastern Subspecies- Amytornis Textius Modestus) (pdf)

Robert Cirocco: Effect of Cassytha Pubescens on Ulex Europaeus Case Study (pdf)

Sherryn Ciavaglia: Carpet Python Case Study (pdf)

Christine Evans: Superb Fairy-wren Case Study (pdf)

Rare and Endemic Marine Invertebrates of South Australia E-Booklet (pdf)

Floating Macrophytes Case Study (pdf)

Warru Project Case Study (pdf)

Gidgee Skink Research Case Study (pdf)