Revitalising Private Conservation in SA

Revitalising Private Conservation in SA

Linking Landscapes grant round - OPENING 6 March 2021!

More information to come.

We are looking for innovative, collaborative and multi-property outcomes in this grant opportunity. Co-ordinated action, in partnership with others. With a focus on climate adaptation outcomes, value for money, and linking vegetation.

The Revitalising Private Conservation in South Australia program is an exciting collaboration between the non-government primary industries and conservation sectors.  The program aims to expand the number, extent and quality of protected areas of native vegetation on private land in South Australia.

The program provides existing and aspiring Heritage Agreement owners with:

  • Access to technical and practical advice
  • Connections with other Heritage Agreement land managers and resources
  • Opportunities to apply for grant funding to plan and undertake important nature conservation works on their properties

Established and funded by the South Australian Government, the program brings together an outstanding partnership of South Australia’s leading environmental and agricultural producer organisations, including Conservation SALivestock SA, Nature Conservation Society of South Australia, and Trees For Life. The program is led by Nature Foundation as the principal delivery partner working closely with the Department for Environment and Water.

Access to Advice

Our Outreach Officers can help you with your enquiries, whether it’s regarding protecting bush areas or managing Heritage Agreement sites.  We are always happy to talk over the phone and we are able to come and meet you at your Heritage Agreement area if that suits you.  We can also help you connect with other Heritage Agreement owners and relevant land management organisations.

Grant Funding

The Program offers funding to current and aspiring Heritage Agreement landowners through the following grant rounds:

  • Small Grants - up to $10,000, for better managing Heritage Agreement areas, applications open now.
  • Large Grants - more than $10,000, aimed at achieving landscape-scale conservation outcomes across multiple properties.​

The first Small Grants round closed on 5 October 2020.  Applications were reviewed by an independent Panel of experts toward the end of 2020 and the recommendations were provided to the Minister for endorsement just prior to Christmas.  We anticipate all applicants being advised of the outcome of the assessment by the end of January 2021

The Large Grants round will open in early 2021.  Please keep an eye on this page for more information, or email the team at [email protected] if you would like to be notified when this round will be opening.

The second Small Grants round is anticipated to open in mid to late 2021.  Please watch this space for more information, or again, email the team at [email protected] if you would like us to contact you with an update.

Heritage Agreements

Established in South Australia in 1980, the Heritage Agreement program includes more than 1600 primary producer and conservation landholders, protecting an amazing diversity of landscapes and native plants and animals exceeding 1.5 million hectares on private land.  Heritage Agreements are initiated by the land manager to protect remnant vegetation in perpetuity. 

Heritage Agreements can form part of an important wildlife corridor, provide an extension to national and conservation parks, or help establish private sanctuaries.

All landscapes are welcomed for Heritage Agreements, including grasslands, a chenopod scrubland, open forests and mallee to name a few. You too can be a part of the growing community and leave your legacy for future generations.  Visit the Department for Water website more information regarding applying for a Heritage Agreement.

Contact the Team

Any questions or need assistance with your grant application? Please contact the Revitalising Private Conservation in South Australia team:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 0436 431 660

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