About Us


Our mission is to work with South Australian communities to source water and deliver community-driven projects that benefit wetlands and floodplains.

Wetlands need regular watering to remain healthy in today’s regulated river system. Healthy wetland environments are important for environmental, economic, cultural and social reasons, providing an optimal environment for flora and fauna, improved water quality for human consumption, agricultural use and opportunities for recreation and tourism.

The programme recognises that the river red gum and black box woodlands, lignum swamps and samphire floodplains provide habitats for many species of threatened and vulnerable birds, fish, frogs and invertebrates and that intervention is needed urgently.

Nature Foundation works closely with the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder to deliver environmental water.

Environmental water refers to “water used to improve the health of our rivers, floodplains and wetlands”

Our Five Year Environmental Watering Strategy describes how we choose which sites need water, how much water they need and when.

We have big plans to work with the community and government to help improve the health of our river – check out the Water For Nature Strategic Plan.

Find out more about our current projects on our Fact Sheets page or visit the My Healthy River Toolkit Facebook page