Our People


Water For Nature Working Group

Management of the Water For Nature program is overseen by an expert working group.

The Water For Nature working group comprises:

  • Sharon Starick (Chair), Nature Foundation Councillor, Cereal and pig producer
  • Bob Lott – Nature Foundation Board Member
  • Dr Anne Jensen – Environmental Consultant, River Ecology
  • Steve Clark – Riverland Irrigator and Landholder
  • Phil Cole – Former Director, Basin Plan Projects, Murray Darling Basin Authority
  • Peter Forward – Principal Engineer, Salt Interception, SA Water
  • Tony Herbert – Department for Environment and Water
  • Professor Phil Weinstein – University of Adelaide

Water for Nature Technical Advisory Panel (TAP)

The WFN technical advisory panel was established to provide expert independent advice on issues that may arise in the delivery of the Water For Nature program.

The TAP comprises:

  • Professor Mike Young – Professor of Water and Environmental Policy, University of Adelaide
  • Dr Deb Nias – CEO, Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group Ltd
  • Dr Mark Siebentritt – NRM and Sustainability Consultant
  • Mr Mike Harper – Riverland Retired Wetland Manager, DEWNR
  • WFN Committee members Peter Forward, Dr Anne Jensen and Steve Clark are also members

Key Water For Nature staff

  • Hugo Hopton – Chief Executive Officer, Nature Foundation
  • Natalie Stalenberg - Water For Nature Program Manager, Nature Foundation