Murray-Banks-web-crop.jpgOur vision for Water For Nature is to be an effective contributor of environmental water to community driven projects on privately owned or community managed wetland and floodplain sites.

Water For Nature – Gets results!

Water for Nature has delivered over 11,000 Megalitres of environmental water to more than 80 different wetland and floodplain sites since 2013. That is a lot of water! One megalitre is the equivalent of one million litres.

Environmental water refers to “water used to improve the health of our rivers, floodplains and wetlands”

We monitor each site to see what affect that our watering has had on nature and have seen:

  • Improved health of native trees where trees have shown improved canopy (more leaves) and increased numbers of flowers and buds;
  • Improved appearance and vigorous growth of native tree saplings;
  • Greening of dead looking lignum on the floodplain;
  • increased diversity and abundance of native waterbirds, including some species of high conservation significance at State, national and international levels;
  • increased appearance of other native animals, such as frogs and fishes; and
  • indications of “freshwater lenses” under floodplains, which benefit native trees through decreasing salinity of ground-water.

For more information on the results that we’ve seen, check out our monitoring report:

“Delivery of Environmental Water by Water For Nature Program in the South Australian River Murray Valley 2013-16”