Perpetual Endowment Fund

Generating funds to build a financial reserve for future research and conservation projects.

Short-tailed Grasswren at Hiltaba Nature Reserve; photo James Dorey

The capital of this fund is protected, with only a portion of the interest made available to Nature Foundation each year.

The initiative is designed to both connect with philanthropic bodies and the corporate sector, and to develop relationships with members and supporters.

A target of $20 million has been set, so that an annual investment return in the region of $1.2 million might be achieved for Nature Foundation projects and processes.

We are grateful for every donation, because each one will help conserve South Australia's biodiversity. You can also join our community of regular givers and your much-needed regular support means we can invest in longer-term solutions, reduce overheads and run our vital programs with more certainty.

Donate regularly on a monthly basis, or once-off using the button below. For more information, or if you are interested in donating or leaving a bequest to the Perpetual Endowment Fund, please contact Nature Foundation on 08 8340 2880 or [email protected]

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