Raptor Appeal

Help solve the mysteries of majestic Wedge-tailed Eagles at Witchelina

Wedge-tailed Eagle chick in nest at Witchelina; photo Alex Nankivell

With your support, we can find out more about Wedge-tailed Eagles, which as apex aerial predators at Witchelina serve as a barometer of how well the landscape is faring. 

Even after carrying out regular raptor surveys which includes Wedge-tailed Eagles and their nests, there’s still much we don’t know about the eagles. What we do know is that after a boom of 2018 (caused by the immense decline of red kangaroos due to the drought), the Wedge-tailed Eagle population at Witchelina reduced to less than a quarter in 12 months, and since then recovery has been slow. 

There are many important questions that need answers so that we can manage this refuge the best we can for the eagles and that it becomes a functioning ecosystem. To acheive this, our goal is to capture and put GPS collars on at least 12 adult eagles and capture the movements of these birds over the life of the collars.

The GPS collars are expensive, at $3000 each and there are other costs to cover too, including bringing specialists on board.

You can help solve the mysteries of the Wedgies by donating using the button below, or contact Nature Foundation on 08 8340 2880 or [email protected]

You, or a group of friends can sponsor a GPS collar for $3000. We’ll send an annual update of where the tracked Wedge-tailed eagles have been flying for the life of the collar to Collar Sponsors. For more information please email [email protected]

Every donation will help, and your support is greatly appreciated.

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