Witchelina nature reserve

An arid land form reserve


Area 421,000 ha (4210 sq km)
Location 30 km north-west of Lyndhurst
Consisting Conservation of nine Arid Land Systems
Acquired 2010
Management Nature Foundation

Witchelina is a former pastoral property that comprises a magnificent outback expanse extending from Lake Torrens in the south to Marree in the north. It spans three bioregions, Flinders Lofty Block, Stony Plains and Gawler, which in turn are divided into nine land systems. 

What we do on this property

Through active management we are reducing the impact of a number of threatening processes, primarily focusing on total grazing pressure and predation. Total grazing pressure is a combination of the impact caused by herbivores, both introduced and native as well as feral and domestic, on native vegetation.

Nature Foundation has removed all domestic livestock and the majority of feral goats. managing total grazing pressure also includes tackling the degradation caused by rabbits, and monitoring the numbers of macropods.

(Above photo) Vegetation recovery at monitoring site.

Reducing predation pressure exerted on native wildlife by cats and foxes is an important management consideration if native populations are to breed and remain viable into the future. Nature Foundation has been implementing a thorough fox and cat control program since 2012.

Nature Foundation funds research projects into the flora and fauna of this landscape, to better understand how we can Save, Protect and Restore this diverse and unique habitat.

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