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You can help Kangaroo Island to protect its precious wildlife and habitat for the generations to come
At Nature Foundation SA we are committed to supporting important conservation programs that make a real difference on the ground. We have therefore partnered with the Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board to give everyone a chance to support some of the important conservation projects on Kangaroo Island that need your help.

Your donation can support:
The Glossy Black-cockatoo Recovery Program
The Glossy Black-cockatoo (GBC) Recovery Program is one of Australia’s leading examples of how good governance, strategic planning, community commitment and appropriate resourcing can effectively reverse the decline of a critically endangered species. Now extinct on mainland Australia, the endangered Glossy Black-cockatoo has its last refuge on Kangaroo Island.

Reasons for the glossies decline are that the past clearance of vegetation dramatically reduced critical drooping sheoak feeding habitat and large, hollow-bearing trees needed for nesting in. These losses have been compounded by competition for remaining tree hollows from other species, including feral honey bees, little corellas and galahs, together with an over-abundance of common brushtail possums, a natural nest predator that eats eggs and nestlings, significantly reducing breeding success. 

GBC_pair-(2).jpgThe recovery program started in 1995 with less than 160 Glossy Black-cockatoos in existence and has nursed the population back from the brink of extinction, doubling the population of glossies on Kangaroo Island to over 360 birds and helping them to spread eastwards across the Island. There is now a real possibility that the birds might cross over to the mainland in coming years to settle in suitable, revegetated habitat on the lower Fleurieu Peninsula.

All recovery program activities are guided by the GBC Recovery Plan, a strategic document developed by technical experts that describes the objectives, strategies and performance targets of the recovery program. The main focus of the program is currently on planting drooping sheoaks for the birds to feed on, protecting hollow-bearing trees from invaders and conducting nest maintenance to improve breeding success.

We invite you to donate (once off or monthly debit) to the GBC Recovery Program to help:

  • further increase the glossy population so that they can be removed from the endangered species list
  • ensure this iconic species persists in South Australia and expands to the mainland
  • support valued wildlife relied on by Kangaroo Island’s nature‑based tourism industry, which underpins the local economy
  • maintain the unique wildlife of Kangaroo Island for the appreciation of all who live and visit here
  • support the stewardship efforts of the Kangaroo Island community
  • address key knowledge gaps to improve recovery efforts
  • refine recovery techniques for use Australia-wide.

Program Sponsorship

As an individual, organisation or business there are also opportunities for you to become a program sponsor. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please get in touch with Natural Resources Kangaroo Island to discuss sponsorship opportunities and to tailor your offer to suit your needs and budget.

NB. All eligible donations and sponsorships may receive a tax deductible receipt from Nature Foundation SA. Download the Glossy Black-cockatoo prospectus to find out more.

Donate Now
Help us to Save, Protect and Restore with your tax deductible donation. Your contribution - no matter how small - will help us carry out vital conservation work.