2017 Vital work appeal 

Giving to one of our specific appeals is a wonderful way to help us with that carefully chosen project or activity. However, Nature Foundation SA relies on the generosity of donors for everything we do, every day.
At Nature Foundation SA, our daily activities support the conservation outcomes we achieve.  Whether it’s paying the power bill, putting fuel in the vehicles or repairing a cattle-proof fence around a fragile native ecosystem, these actions are all vital to achieving our conservation goals. That’s why we call it Vital Work.
It may sound obvious, but without funds for administrative needs and operational costs our nature reserves could not function, our research would not happen and our activities would be impossible, so we would be unable to safeguard and repair the threatened landscapes in our care. Everything we do is Vital Work.
In addition to funding key equipment and human resources, giving to our appeal for Vital Work empowers Nature Foundation SA to fulfil our purpose and reach every conservation goal we strive towards. A donation for Vital Work is a donation for nature.
By donating to our Vital Work Appeal, you will be providing your ongoing support. While you sleep, while you’re walking to work or playing with your children in the park, your donation will still be working for Nature Foundation SA, helping us to Save, Protect and Restore our precious natural environment.

Help us to help nature by donating now!