Please donate today.

With many exciting events and projects coming up, our councillors and staff are looking forward to leaping into the new financial year.  We also look forward to you, our fabulous supporters, continuing the journey with us as we work together to make a significant difference to nature conservation in South Australia.
Every winter we come to our Vital Work Appeal, which is deliberate in its generality.  Nature Foundation SA’s running costs come from a huge variety of areas, and to ensure our dynamic organisation operates effectively and is responsive to change, we need access to funds that are untied to specific projects and programs.
Whether it’s paying the power bill, putting fuel in the vehicles or repairing a cattle-proof fence around a delicate native ecosystem, our daily activities and general operations are all vital to delivering high quality conservation outcomes. That’s why we call it Vital Work.
In addition to funding key equipment and human resources, giving to our Vital Work Appeal empowers Nature Foundation SA to fulfil our purpose and achieve the conservation goals we strive towards. We have already protected 1.1 million hectares of South Australia; together we can save, protect and restore the next 1.1 million hectares!
A donation for Vital Work is a donation to nature; your contribution will make a genuine difference to help our most precious and fragile resource – the natural environment – thrive. 
Please donate today, and thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to help conserve South Australia’s unique biodiversity for future generations to enjoy.