Hiltaba healthy populations appeal


Nature Foundation SA’s Spring 2017 Appeal is raising funds for the ancient, richly diverse landscape of Hiltaba Nature Reserve. Home to the western-most population of the Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby, rare and endangered birds, and two native plants unique to the region, Hiltaba captures the imagination of all who visit.  

Hiltaba’s acacia shrublands, casuarina woodlands, mallee forest, tussock grasslands and stunning granite hills provide an ideal habitat for over 40 state-listed species and nine species listed by the Commonwealth for their conservation significance.  Nature Foundation SA takes a holistic approach to biodiversity outcomes at Hiltaba Nature Reserve, and all the properties we manage, including fostering increased plant and animal species diversity. 
Your generous contributions to our Hiltaba Healthy Populations Appeal will enable Nature Foundation SA to:

  • Research population ecology and species conservation to fill crucial knowledge gaps;
  • Enable native animal and plant populations to grow by removing feral predators and pest plants and animals;
  • Attract more people to Hiltaba, and deepen their commitment to nature conservation by developing information to explain its ecology, geology, and cultural history.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and most welcome contributions to Nature Foundation SA. Your generosity is what both enables and inspires us to seek even more ambitious and very necessary conservation outcomes.

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