Revitalising Private Conservation

The Revitalising Private Conservation in South Australia Program is expanding the number, extent and quality of protected areas of native vegetation on private land in South Australia.

Lochel family on their property on the Limestone Coast; photo Rebecca O'Leary

This multi-million-dollar program provides existing and aspiring Heritage Agreement owners with:

Established and funded by the South Australian Government, the program brings together an outstanding partnership of South Australia’s leading environmental and agricultural producer organisations, including Conservation SA, Livestock SA, Nature Conservation Society of South Australia, and Trees For Life. The program is led by Nature Foundation as the principal delivery partner working closely with the Department for Environment and Water.

Program's Reach to Date


This map shows Revitalising Private Conservation in SA's reach since the pilot program began, including information from grant rounds 1 and 2. It includes locations of successful grant applications, outreach property visits and outreach events as well as Heritage Agreements across South Australia.

Grant Rounds

The grant rounds are currently closed.

The team want to put out a big thank-you to all the landholders who have submitted an application for a grant and engaged with the Revitalising Team staff. It shows your deep commitment to your Heritage Agreement and it is clear to us that applicants have spent considerable time and effort to produce great quality applications.

The Program responds to each application with careful consideration through a merit based assessment by an independent panel. Heritage Agreement owners have responded strongly to the grant rounds with all rounds being significantly over subscribed and unfortunately not all projects will be able to be funded.  

The Program is committed to supporting Heritage Agreement landholders, and grants are one component of the available resources to assist with private land conservation.

You can see the full list of 46 successful recipients for the Round 3 Revitalising Private Conservation in SA Grants. All funded works will be carried out on Heritage Agreement sites, across South Australia.

You can see the full list of nine successful recipients for the Round 2 Linking Landscapes Revitalising Private Conservation in SA Grants. These nine grants total $1 million but will have a real impact of $4.2 million including additional cash or in-kind value. They will have a significant impact on private conservation in South Australia through their innovative, landscape-scale, collaborative and multi-property conservation focus.

You can see the full list of 70 successful recipients for the 2020/21 Round 1 Revitalising Private Conservation in South Australia Grants. All funded works will be carried out on Heritage Agreement sites, across South Australia.

Heritage Agreements

Established in South Australia in 1980, the Heritage Agreement program includes more than 1600 primary producer and conservation landholders, protecting an amazing diversity of landscapes and native plants and animals exceeding 1.5 million hectares on private land.  Heritage Agreements are initiated by the land manager to protect remnant vegetation in perpetuity.

Heritage Agreements can form part of an important wildlife corridor, provide an extension to national and conservation parks, or help establish private sanctuaries.

All landscapes are welcomed for Heritage Agreements, including grasslands, a chenopod scrubland, open forests and mallee to name a few. You too can be a part of the growing community and leave your legacy for future generations.  Visit the Department for Environment and Water website more information regarding applying for a Heritage Agreement.

Gifting Land, Offset Opportunities and Bushbank SA

For information about gifting land to Nature Foundation to ensure your property is cared for into the future, offset opportunities for landholders and Nature Foundation's Bushbank SA program see the Land Conservation Information Sheet

If you are interested in making a gift of land please complete the Land Enquiry Form and return it to us.


Protect today.  For tomorrow.  Forever.


Recent Grant Recipients and their Projects

Palmer Project
Triple impact from revitalising grant
Wirrah Binty
David wanted his own private park
Sue fell in love with the Banksias

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