Water For Nature

Together with South Australian communities, we deliver community-driven projects to improve the health of River Murray wetlands and floodplains.

Regent Parrot at Loxton; photo H Kieskamp

Healthy wetlands are important for environmental, economic, cultural and social reasons.

Water for Nature recognises that the wetlands, river red gum and black box woodlands, lignum swamps and samphire floodplains provide habitats for many species of threatened and vulnerable birds, fish, frogs and invertebrates.

As well as providing habitat for flora and fauna, healthy wetland environments provide better water quality for human consumption, agricultural use and opportunities for recreation and tourism.

In today’s regulated river system, many hundreds of wetlands do not receive the natural floods they once did and need programs like Water For Nature to help them recover from years of drought and return them to a natural wetting and drying cycle.

Nature Foundation works closely with the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (CEWH) to deliver environmental water.

Water for the environment or environmental water is owned by government and delivered by Nature Foundation (and others) to keep our rivers healthy, so they may continue to support communities for future generations.

We deliver environmental water to nearly 100 wetland and floodplain sites in the SA River Murray valley.
Our People
Experienced conservationists, scientists, business and professional people manage Water for Nature. Meet our team.
My Healthy River Toolkit
My Healthy River Toolkit shows wetland owners, community members and organisations how to make an impact in the local area.
Waikerie Silo Mural
The Waikerie Silo Art Mural is a magnificent, emotive artwork embodying the theme Healthy River Healthy Community.
Our Partners
The ongoing Water For Nature program is made possible through the generosity of our major benefactors, supporters and delivery partners.

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