Our Committees

Nature Foundation's committees direct specific areas of our activities.

Four committees advise the Board on direct specific areas including strategy, engaging people in conservation, nature conservation and audit and risk.

Strategic Coordination Committee

Our Strategic Coordinating Committee assists the Board with making decisions on strategic and tactical matters, and realising strategic business opportunities whilst mitigating risks.

Engaging People in Nature Conservation Committee

Our Engaging People in Nature Conservation Committee assists the Board to make decisions on building relationships that contribute to strategic and tactical revenue-raising, increasing awareness, building Nature Foundation’s reputation, volunteering and community-engagement.

Nature Conservation Committee

Our Nature Conservation Committee assists the Board to deliver on its strategic plan to make a positive long-term difference to nature conservation and biodiversity. It also assists Board decisions on strategic and tactical science, biodiversity conservation, sociology and education, nature reserve management and Water for Nature.

Audit and Risk Committee

Our Audit and Risk Committee assists the Board in discharging its responsibilities to exercise due care in management of its finances, meeting legal obligations, managing risk and opportunity and meeting audit requirements.

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