Nature Foundation SA is a non-profit organisation that raises funds to conserve and sustain South Australia's natural biodiversity. Since its inception, NFSA has raised many millions of dollars for on-ground projects, land conservation, education programmes and research.

NFSA undertakes grant funding each year in the categories listed below. In each case, grants will be assessed by NFSA's Research, Projects & Education Committee to determine how they contribute to the conservation of South Australia's biodiversity and habitats. See the Guidelines for Assessing Projects  for further information about the criteria considered.

Conservation research on NFSA properties or in association with NFSA projects

NFSA encourages research that informs the management of its properties Witchelina, Hiltaba, Watchalunga, Para Woodlands, Tiliqua and Cygnet Park. Please review the property information on this website or call 08 8340 2880 for more specific information about NFSA properties. Find out more about research project grants

PhD/Masters Grand Start Scholarship Program

Each grant is to a maximum of $3000 per annum for a maximum of three years. Each grant recipient must re-apply on an annual basis to receive new grants in subsequent years. Decisions as to whether to continue funding a scholarship will be based on the performance report submitted by the grantee for the previous year, the comparative merit of other grant applications, and the consistency of the research with meeting NFSA’s conservation goals. Find out more about scholarships

Honours Year Grand Start Scholarship Program

Each grant is to a maximum of $1500 to assist Honours students undertaking field research. Find out more about scholarships

Community Education and Awards

Grants are available to any education-based programme involving the interlinking of conservation and science. Find out more about community projects


Please note there will be no grant round in August 2015

We will offer research grants for work on NFSA properties in March 2016.

If you have any further queries, please call 08 8340 2880 or email us.