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We engage people, resources and good science to conserve the precious habitat of South Australia and beyond.

We conserve, restore and protect landscapes, flora and fauna to ensure their survival.
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Nature Science underpins all of our efforts to sustainably manage our unique biodiversity.
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We have provided nature conservation services to South Australian landscapes and communities for 40 years.
We inspire people to connect with and conserve the natural habitat of Australia for future generations.

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2024 Student Research Grants Open
Our 2024 research grants round has recently opened, and we invite applications from students undertaking research in the environmental and nature science fields.
10 nature photography tips

Keen nature photographer, Sputnik, shares their top tips for nature photography…

In the News: Bullock Bridge acquisition on ABC South East SA

Nature Foundation were in the news this week, with CEO Alex Nankivell and Leading Benefactor Professor Hugh Possingham invited to speak about our Bullock Bridge land acquisition with Becc Chave on the the ABC South East SA Breakfast program.

Webinar recording: Bullock Bridge with Professor Hugh Possingham

In this webinar, hosted by the dynamic nature-loving Sputnik, Nature Foundation CEO Alex Nankivell and Professor Hugh Possingham discuss the conservation value and opportunities of Bullock Bridge, and answer questions from the audience regarding working with traditional owners, managing threats and more.

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