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Science & Research

Nature Science underpins all of our efforts to sustainably manage South Australia’s unique biodiversity for future generations.

Common Knob-tailed gecko; photo M Launer

Nature Foundation’s science program and its governing principles are set out in our Science Strategy 2018-2023. This strategy facilitates the growth and development of South Australian ecological science to benefit Nature Foundation, our nature reserves and the broader South Australian community.

The Science Strategy underpins all of our conservation work whether it is on our nature reserves or finding the right owners for BushBank SA properties

Nature Foundation funds research through research grants, prioritising research that aligns with our science strategy and focusing on our nature reserves and conservation programs.

Science Strategy
Nature Foundation’s Science Strategy 2018-2023 aims to deliver the best evidence-based outcomes for conservation in South Australia.
Research & Grants
One of the greatest challenges our generation faces is to conserve the variety of plant and animal life that characterises healthy ecosystems.
Threatened Species
Learn more about the threatened species that Nature Foundation protects through its research and conservation programs.
Nature Reserve Management
Our Nature Reserves are leading examples of private conservation management achieving gains for biodiversity at landscape scale.

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