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Thank you for considering membership with Nature Foundation! You are joining a passionate group of individuals and organisations who are totally committed to preventing further native species loss.

Visitors at Hiltaba Nature Reserve; photo James Dorey

Research from around the world is demonstrating that effective protected area management delivers positive outcomes for biodiversity, safeguarding it for future generations. Nature Foundation’s nature reserves comprise almost 40% of all private protected areas in South Australia and 6% nationally.

We work closely with universities, Traditional Owners, government departments, business from all sectors, community groups, schools, landholders and volunteers to achieve the best outcomes for restoring and protecting habitat. Your support enables us to protect more of the plants, animals and landscapes of South Australia and beyond.

Nature Foundation represents its members and supporters nationally via the Australian Land Conservation Alliance (ALCA), an organisation working across diverse landscapes, united by the vision of a future where nature thrives Australia‚Äźwide. In South Australia we work closely with the SA Nature Alliance (SANA).

Together we can all ensure that South Australia’s unique biodiversity, landscapes and waters will be there for future generations to delight in. Do something significant for nature today and become a Nature Foundation member!

As a valued member of Nature Foundation you’ll receive:

Membership Fees

Nature Foundation annual membership follows the calendar year (1 January–31 December), with members joining throughout the year paying pro-rated fees for their initial period, with renewal on 31 December for the following full calendar year.

Quarter Join between Initial membership duration Pro-rated fees Individual membership Couple membership
Q1 1 Jan–31 Mar Jan–Dec 100% $50 $80
Q2 1 Apr–30 Jun Apr–Dec 75% $37.50 $60
Q3 1 Jul–30 Sep Jul–Dec 50% $25 $40
Q4 1 Oct–31 Dec Oct–Dec 25% $12.50 $20

Lifetime membership

We also offer Lifetime membership

Individuals and couples can join Nature Foundation, donate funds, land, offer in-kind support or volunteer time, or consider making a bequest to ensure a legacy beyond your lifetime.

Organisations can become corporate members or partners with us by providing sponsorship for one of our programs, from on-the-ground projects, to events, research grants, scholarships and Kids on Country programs. Once your organisation has joined, we will get in touch to discuss your sponsorship further.

If you are interested in becoming a member or donating funds please complete the below online application, or contact Nature Foundation on 08 8340 2880 or [email protected]

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