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Our Nature Reserves provide an example of excellence in private conservation management where biodiversity conservation gains are achieved through our expertise in conservation land management and science on a large scale.

Witchelina-landscape-green-web-full-width.jpg We know the importance of engaging people in our reserves, which helps grow awareness of the importance of conservation, and we offer opportunities to immerse yourself in nature on our reserves.   

Visitors to our reserves also gain a far more profound insight into Nature Foundation's work and the importance of nature conservation by experiencing it first-hand through our vivid landscapes and unique places. 

To protect the threatened species who inhabit our nature reserves, most of the reserves are only available to visit during organised activities and events, and are generally prioritised for our members and volunteers.

Two of our nature reserves, Witchelina and Hiltaba, are open from 1 April to 31 October for nature-based tourism, with options to stay overnight in our campgrounds and accommodation, and to experience our nature drives and walks.

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