Our Impact

Nature Foundation’s conservation work is vital to sustainably manage South Australia’s unique landscapes, flora and fauna.

1.15 million hectares
is the total area of land we have helped protect
5,000+ square kilometres
is the combined land area of our seven nature reserves: Witchelina, Hiltaba, Tiliqua, Watchalunga, Cygnet Park, Para Woodlands and Murbpook
14,000 megalitres
of water has been delivered to 104 current and historic wetland complexes in SA's River Murray Valley, through our
Water For Nature program
250 young Aboriginal people
have participated in the accredited Kids on Country program
418 grants
to the value of more than $1.7 million have been awarded to university students, researchers and community organisation to support nature science research
24 properties
have been acquired with our assistance and gifted to the State Government or land managers to become part of the National Parks and National Reserve System to support at-risk species and habitats
151 volunteers
help in our office and on our reserves
2,350 supporters
help us make the impact we do.

Our work impacts many parts of South Australia which you can see in more detail on our interactive map.