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Nature-based Tourism

Connect with nature, gain an insight into our work and experience nature conservation in action on our Nature Reserves.

Wombat at Hiltaba Nature Reserve; photo Subbu Conley

Witchelina and Hiltaba Nature Reserves are open between 1 April and 31 October to day visitors, campers and visitors staying in our accommodation. The reserves are closed during the summer months.

Witchelina and Hiltaba Nature Reserves are beautiful places to visit, and when you visit and stay, you support and learn about our efforts to conserve these unique and precious landscapes.  

Our Nature Reserves provide an example of excellence in private conservation management where biodiversity conservation gains are achieved through our expertise in conservation land management and science on a large scale.  

We know the importance of engaging people in our reserves, which helps grow awareness of the importance of conservation, and we offer opportunities to immerse yourself in nature on our reserves.   

Visitors to our reserves also gain a far more profound insight into Nature Foundation's work and the importance of nature conservation by experiencing it first-hand through our vivid landscapes and unique places. 

If you have any questions about bookings, payments, getting to the nature reserves, nature drives and walks and more, browse our Frequently Asked Questions here.

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Witchelina Nature Reserve


Witchelina is a magnificent outback nature reserve extending from Lake Torrens in the south to Marree in South Australia’s far north.   

With an area of 421,000 hectares (a similar size to Kangaroo Island), this vast former pastoral property spans three bioregions, Flinders Lofty Block, Stony Plains and Gawler, which in turn are divided into nine land systems.   

It is a biodiversity haven for species such as Thick-billed Grasswrens, Wedge-tailed Eagles, Spinifex Hopping Mice, Stripe-faced Dunnarts, Plains Mice, River Red Gum and Coolibah Woodland and Blue Bush shrub lands and includes spectacular geological sites.  

Enjoy our bush camps in your own caravan or tent or stay in our comfortable Shearer’s Quarters accommodation, enjoying its shared facilities.   

Enjoy the serenity of our reserve and explore the reserve further via our Nature Drives in your own suitable vehicle.

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Hiltaba Nature Reserve


Hiltaba has a spectacular landscape on the western end of the Gawler Ranges on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.  

With abundant wildlife, this 78,000-hectare nature reserve is a must-see for those looking to connect with nature and appreciate how this beautiful region supports our unique biodiversity.   

Hiltaba's diverse habitats, ranging from Acacia shrublands and Casuarina woodlands to Mallee forest and tussock grasslands, are home to over forty state-listed and nine Commonwealth species of importance, including Yellow‐footed Rock Wallabies, Slender‐billed Thornbills and Desert Greenhood Orchids.  

Hiltaba's Five Founders' Walking Trails are a paradise for hikers and birdwatchers. The walks range from 2km to 14km and cater for various fitness levels. They offer breathtaking views of remarkable landscapes, ample opportunities for photography and bird watching, and a chance to view the region's flora and fauna.  

Multiple Nature Drive loops are a great way to explore Hiltaba. These follow former station tracks from when the Nature Reserve was a pastoral property.   

There are several camping and accommodation options at Hiltaba, including Pretty Point Campground and Hiltaba Shearers Quarters, which have shared facilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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