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Nature Reserves

Protected areas are becoming vital as final refuges for threatened species and ecosystems.

Hiltaba Nature Reserve

Research from around the world demonstrates that effective protected area management has positive outcomes for biodiversity, safeguarding it for future generations.

Nature Foundation manages seven nature reserves for conservation comprising over 500,000 ha (5,000 km2): Witchelina, Hiltaba, Watchalunga, Para Woodlands, Tiliqua, Murbpook Lagoon and Geegeela Nature Reserve.

Our nature reserves comprise almost 40% of all private protected areas in South Australia and 6% nationally. We implement conservation projects designed to bring biodiversity benefits at all seven nature reserves, enabling us to protect a broad cross-section of South Australia’s spectacular natural environment.

Two of our nature reserves, Witchelina and Hiltaba, are open for nature-based tourism.

Witchelina Nature Reserve
Witchelina is a former pastoral property that comprises a magnificent outback expanse extending from Lake Torrens in the south to Marree in the north.
Hiltaba Nature Reserve
Hiltaba Nature Reserve comprises ancient granite hills overlooking plains of diverse grass and woodlands.
Watchalunga Nature Reserve
Watchalunga comprises approximately 92 ha of low-lying Fleurieu Peninsula swamp on the lower Finniss River.
Para Woodlands Nature Reserve
Para Woodlands, a former farming property, is being restored to a functioning grassy woodland to provide habitat for local fauna.
Tiliqua Nature Reserve
Tiliqua is dedicated to the protection of the Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard which was thought to be extinct but was rediscovered near Burra in 1992.
Murbpook Nature Reserve
Murbpook and its immediate vicinity feature 17 State and Nationally Rated Fauna species and two state rare flora species.
Geegeela Nature Reserve
Nature foundation’s newest nature reserve is located between Naracoorte and Bordertown in the state’s southeast in an area known as Bangham.

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