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Hiltaba Nature Reserve

Hiltaba’s diverse range of habitats makes it ideal country for numerous species listed for their conservation significance.

Hiltaba; photo Bill Doyle
78,000 ha (780 km2)
Bordering the Gawler Ranges on the Eyre Peninsula
Major aims
Threat abatement, conservation and protection of fauna and flora
Key threatened species
40 state-listed species and nine species listed by the Commonwealth for their conservation significance including the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby, Short-tailed Grasswren and Desert Greenhood Orchid
Nature Foundation
Traditional owners
Gawler Ranges Peoples - Bungala, Kokatha and Wirangu countries

Introducing Hiltaba

Hiltaba Nature Reserve comprises ancient granite hills overlooking plains of diverse grass and woodlands. Adjoining the Gawler Ranges, the unique geological formations of this 78,000 hectare property are home to species such as the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby, the Slender-billed Thornbill and Desert Greenhood Orchid.

For bird watchers, Hiltaba is a must-see nature reserve. It is home to a wide range of birds from the endemic Gawler Ranges Short-tailed Grasswren to the 1.5 metre tall Australian Bustard. Even those without a pair of binoculars will appreciate Hiltaba's birdlife!

Reserve Management

Through active management we are reducing the impact of a number of threatening processes, primarily focusing on total grazing pressure and predation. Total grazing pressure is from the combined impact of herbivores, both native and introduced, on native vegetation.

Nature Foundation has removed all domestic stock and the majority of goats. Conservation activities include tackling the degradation caused by rabbits and monitoring the numbers of macropods. We have also reduced the numbers of feral foxes and cats to alleviate the pressure on native fauna, allowing them to reproduce and build in numbers as the habitat improves.

Regular surveys monitor the health of native flora and fauna at Hiltaba and the feral pests endangering them. This helps us to track the condition of the Reserve and ensures our conservation management strategies are responsive.

Traditional Owners

We are committed to developing partnerships with Aboriginal people to enhance conservation outcomes and increase cultural understanding. Hiltaba hosts several Kids on Country camps each year.


Nature Foundation funds research projects into the flora and fauna of Hiltaba, to better understand how we can conserve and protect this diverse and unique habitat.

Hiltaba is a vital refuge for the following species:



Visit Hiltaba Nature Reserve

You can visit Hiltaba and see the reserve's magnificant granite hills and diverse grass and woodland habitat, via one of the Nature Drives or walking trails. Visit for the day or stay in a campsite or other accommodation. 

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