One of the greatest challenges our generation faces is to conserve the variety of plant and animal life - the biodiversity - for healthy ecosystems.

Baptiste holding a Central bearded dragon in Sturt National Park; photo Dympna Cullen

Applications for the Nature Foundation’s Mike Bull Award for Early Career Nature Scientists are now OPEN. Applications CLOSE on Sunday 11 July 2021, 5pm ACT. 
See the How to Apply for a Grant page for Grants Program Guidelines to apply.

Nature Foundation’s work on our nature reserves and throughout South Australia to halt and reverse the unprecedented rate of species loss and conserve biodiversity often involves new, site specific, and multidisciplinary practices. We aim to lead the field in conservation management not only locally, but internationally.

Of particular importance to Nature Foundation is our commitment to South Australian ecological science to ensure that we accumulate vital knowledge about our own ecosystems. Scientific research underpins every aspect of our work.

We partner with universities, visiting researchers and research grant recipients, who undertake research aligning with our science strategy.

Undertaking research on our Nature Reserves

If you wish to undertake research on our nature reserves you will need to apply. To find out how, please contact us.

Research Grants

Nature Foundation undertakes a regular grants program, funded by donations from our generous supporters. This program proudly funds research that contributes to the conservation of South Australia’s biodiversity and habitats, and supports university students and researchers in their work and careers.

We prioritise grants that align with our science strategy and focus on our nature reserves, our conservation programs or Water For Nature program.

Applications that were successful in the April 2021 research grant round will be notified by early July 2021.

Grant Categories

Nature Foundation’s grants program provides funding for:

For more information see grant categories. Please see how to apply for a grant.

Outcomes and Research Papers

Since 2003 Nature Foundation has awarded 418 grants in nature science to university students, universities and other research institutions, with a total value of more than $1.7 million.

Search for research papers funded by Nature Foundation in our online research library.

Support our Grants Program!

The research grants we offer are funded by donations from our generous supporters.

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Grant Categories
Nature Foundation offers grants in several categories. Grants may not be offered in each category in every grant round.
How to Apply
Nature Foundation’s grants support research that contributes to the conservation of South Australia’s biodiversity and habitats.
Research Papers
Since 2003 we have funded 418 grants totalling more than $1.7 million to university students, universities and other research institutions.