How to Apply

Nature Foundation’s grants support research that contributes to the conservation of South Australia’s biodiversity and habitats.

Researchers at Hiltaba Nature Reserve; photo James Dorey

All research grant rounds are currently CLOSED. The next research grant funding round will open in MARCH 2022.

We prioritise proposals that align with our Science Strategy and focus on our nature reserves, our conservation programs and our Water For Nature program.

Nature Foundation’s grants program offers grants in several categories. Please refer to our grant categories to see which grant you may be eligible for.

Grants may not be offered in each category in every grant round.

Key Priorities

Grant proposals that align with Nature Foundation's key priorities and/or our list of potential research projects are more likely to achieve funding success.

Applicants should ensure that their proposals for Grand Start, Research Project and Community grant categories are projects that:

​If a proposal is for a multi-year grant it must also:

Our list of potential research projects is broadly themed across arid nature reserve management, fauna and Water 
For Nature.

To apply

It is essential that you read the Grants Program Guidelines before applying. 

Download, complete the Application Form and email it to [email protected] by the closing date.

The Mike Bull Award for Early Career Nature Scientists has its own objectives and research proposals will be assessed against these, which you can find in the relevant sections of the grant categories and Grants Program Guidelines.