Grant Categories

Nature Foundation offers grants in several categories from Honours and PhD work to early career research and other specific projects.

Painted Dragon; photo A Sinel

The 2022 Mike Bull Award for Early Career Nature Scientists and other student grants are NOW CLOSED. Applicants for the Mike Bull Award will be contacted in July regarding the outcome of their application and applicants for the student grant round will be contacted in June. The next round of funding will be available in March 2023.


Nature Foundation’s grants program provides funding for:

Early Career Nature Scientists

Mike Bull Award for Early Career Nature Scientists

This award supports the emerging career of a nature scientist. Applications are encouraged from across Australia (or more broadly) where the recipient’s research focus benefits nature science in Australia. Only Australian research institutions are eligible as hosting organisations.

The award includes a medal for academic excellence and a $3000 grant to support the career of the recipient. The grant is to be used to:

  1. Support a research program, including purchase of equipment for field expenses,
  2. Attend a conference or important seminar (including registration fees, flights), and/or
  3. Visit another lab or potential future collaborator.

For more information on how to apply, see how to apply for a grant.

This award was established with the support of Mike's family and colleagues through the Professor Mike Bull Research Fund for Early Career Nature Scientists to continue his important legacy in animal behaviour, ecology and conservation research and mentorship of students.

Honours students

Honours Year Grand Start Grants

These grants provide up to $2000 for one year to assist an Honours student undertaking research. Projects may be field-based or involve non-field-based research such as geographic information system or remote sensing-related projects or data analysis.

Nature Foundation Scientific Expedition Foundation RL & GK Willing Grant

This annual grant provides up to $2000 for one year to support an Honours student.

The student’s research must focus on:

  1. Trends in the abundance and distribution of native populations of South Australian fauna and flora; or
  2. Soil, water, geology or climate where it will affect abundance and distribution of native populations of South Australian fauna and flora.

This is a partnership between Nature Foundation and Scientific Expedition Foundation.

PhD/Masters students

PhD/Masters Grand Start Grants

PhD/Masters Grand Start Scholarships provide grants of up to $3000 per annum for a maximum of three years to assist a PhD/Masters student undertaking research.

Grant recipients must reapply on an annual basis to receive new grants in subsequent years. Continuation of funding a scholarship is based on the performance report submitted by the grantee for the previous year, comparative merit of other grant applicants, alignment of research with Nature Foundation’s science and conservation goals and the availability of funds.

Roy and Marjory Edwards Scholarship - not offered in March 2022 round

This scholarship provides $12,000 per annum for up to three years to support a PhD or Masters student at an Australian university.

The student’s research must fall within the Nature Foundation's objectives and be:

  1. High quality scientific research that makes a significant contribution to the conservation of South Australia's biodiversity; or
  2. In the field of biological science with a view to the resolution of an environmental problem or the conservation of South Australian wildlife.

This scholarship was initiated in 2002 by a generous donation from Mrs Marjory Edwards to establish a perpetual scholarship in conservation biology.

Research Project Grants

Research Project Grants are provided to support projects that assist South Australian wildlife in the natural environment. Research proposals that align with any of our potential research projects are strongly encouraged. 

Other specific research priorities may be identified for a particular grant round. Researchers must be Australian based and have demonstrated credentials, but need not be university based.

Community Grants

Community Grants are provided to education-based programs involving the interlinking of conservation and science in association with Nature Foundation nature reserves or projects.

Next steps

For more information on how to apply for a grant see how to apply for a grant.

To discuss your project idea with Nature Foundation or for any other grant queries, please call 08 8340 2880 or email us.

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