Professor Mike Bull Research Fund

The late Professor Michael Bull has left a wonderful legacy in animal behaviour, ecology and conservation.

Sleepy lizard; photo James Dorey

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Professor Mike Bull was an outstanding scientist and made a notable contribution to the scientific community, including the first published record of monogamy in a reptile, the sleepy lizard (ie shingleback lizard, bobtail lizard).

In addition to his research, Mike was well known and revered for his mentorship of students. He mentored around 50 PhD students and numerous researchers over the course of his career, contributing over 320 research papers to the scientific community. Mike was passionate about his work and about training the next generation of scientists.  His gentle demeanour and relaxed style belied a sharp mind and determination to ensure success. 

Working with Mike's family, a group of colleagues have responded to numerous requests to develop a lasting legacy best reflecting his contribution to students, organisations and environmental research.

Your donation to the Professor Mike Bull Research Fund will support:

With the funds managed through Nature Foundation, applications for the award are encouraged from across Australia, with the research or career supported furthering nature science in Australia.

If you are interested in donating please contact Nature Foundation on 08 8340 2880 or [email protected].

Thank you for your generosity. In making this donation, you are sharing and growing the legacy of Mike's considerable contribution.