Nature Reserve Management

Our Nature Reserves are leading examples of private conservation management achieving gains for biodiversity at landscape scale.

Researchers locating sites

We have a long history of applying science-led land management practices to our nature reserves. Our multidisciplinary approach to conservation includes actively planning for and achieving exceptional outcomes by developing specific management plans for each reserve to:

We also have programs in place to:

Science underpins all of our work

Each of our nature reserves contains high conservation value habitat for threatened or endangered species. Through effective management we aim to enhance the value of the landscape and increase areas of biodiversity.

Integral to this approach is accumulating nature science knowledge about our reserves as scientific research underpins every aspect of our work and guides the management of our reserves.

We undertake a regular research grants program, funding research that contributes to the conservation of South Australia’s biodiversity and habitats, prioritising research that aligns with our Science Strategy and focuses on our nature reserves, or our conservation programs.

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