Sponsor a 4G Camera

Sponsor a remote 4G-connected camera and get individualised live access to images of KI wildlife and feral cat detections!

Picture1.pngOne of the most difficult objectives for the feral cat eradication team to achieve is knowing where to focus their efforts, particularly in hard-to-access places or in areas previously cleared of feral cats.

At the moment, the team is using night-time survey and hundreds of remote camera traps with SD cards. Staff have to travel to each site, download the data from each camera trap and look through the images. This process can take days to complete (some cameras take thousands of photos!), which takes away time from staff working on other activities in the field and reduces their ability to respond quickly to new detections.

Technology to the rescue

Thankfully, advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) image recognition and 4G mobile connectivity are removing the need for these labour-intensive methods. With new, 4G-connected, solar powered cameras, and a state-of-the-art AI system, staff can be sent alerts in close to real-time whenever a cat walks in front of a camera and without any need for maintenance or sorting through thousands of images.

For a once-off sponsorship donation, you could contribute to the feral cat eradication effort by adding a 4G camera to the vast array that will be needed as the cat-free area expands. As part of your sponsorship, you will also receive unique access to photos of Kangaroo Island wildlife whenever you want!

What does my sponsorship provide?

What will I see?

Picture2.pngExamples of the species that have been detected by existing cameras include: the KI Echidna, Heath Goanna, Southern Emu-wren, Bush-stone Curlew, Bassian Thrush, Southern Brown Bandicoot, Brushtailed Possum, Tamar Wallaby, Western Grey Kangaroo, and many more.

Examples of the images that get taken during the day of species of interest (night time photos are black and white). The box around each animal is drawn by the AI system, the number provides an indication of its identification certainty.


Sounds good, sign me up!

There are three options for sponsoring 4G cameras: 

  1. Sponsoring a camera for the life of the feral cat eradication program is just $1,830 AUD.  
  2. If you would like to partially sponsor a camera, any donation above $500 AUD will be given access to photos of a camera already placed in the field.  
  3. Alternatively if a group of people are interested in sponsoring a new camera, the login details will be sent to the address of the donor, which can then be shared amongst the group.  

If you would like to sponsor a camera, we will need your email address so we can send you login details and help set you up on the eVorta system. Please use the online donation form here and choose Feral Cat Eradication program and email [email protected] to get your login details. 

For more information about the KI Landscape Board’s Feral Cat Eradication Program, visit: bit.ly/2RDJ7Qf

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