Forever Nature Fund

The Forever Nature Fund has been created for the purpose of raising capital to purchase and manage areas of critical habitat

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Introducing the Forever Nature Fund

The Forever Nature Fund has been created for the purpose of raising capital to purchase and manage areas of critical habitat, that are prioritised using data driven scientific and environmental assessment tools. The Fund will enable Nature Foundation’s team to act quickly and decisively when a property of high conservation value is available for purchase.

The Problem

Habitat loss and land clearing has caused the extinction of 62 Australian terrestrial species. Between 2000 and 2017 over 7.7 million hectares of land habitat was cleared in Australia (Source: DCCEEW 2021 Australia State of the Environment Report).

The compounding impacts of climate change will cause a further decline in Australia’s biodiversity, with increasing numbers of species and ecological communities being listed as threatened across the country.

Nature and its life-support system is critical for human survival providing food, water, climate regulation and well-being for all society.

Photo: Alex Nankivell

Our Vision

To realise a nature-positive future where biodiversity is secure, and our life-support system is thriving forever Nature Foundation aims to purchase land with high biodiversity value to create more critical refuges for Australian wildlife.

We have set an ambitious target to double our impact to 1 million hectares by 2030 - in support of Australia’s commitment to 30 per cent of land and sea protected by 2030.

The Solution

Photo: Alan Bevan

"If we act now and work together, we are powerful enough to change the future forever"

Management of the Forever Nature Fund

The Forever Nature Fund will be professionally managed by an external fund manager in accordance with Nature Foundation’s Financial Management and Investment policy. The funds invested will be diversified by asset class and by security to achieve long term financial goals of growth and return, while managing risk. Investments will be excluded that conflict with the organisation’s purpose and values, including Environmental, Social and Governance principles.

How to Contribute

We ask you to consider investing in the Forever Nature Fund and help protect habitat and wildlife today, tomorrow and forever. You can contribute to the Forever Nature Fund by a major gift, regular giving, one-off donation or through a Gift in Will. Benefactor benefits and recognition are tailored to individual contributions.

Benefactor levels:

A contribution may be named (upon request) to recognise a benefactor.

If making a Gift in your Will we suggest the following wording:

“I give to Nature Foundation Ltd ACNC Registered Charity ABN 24 131 531 874 of Level 2 Payinthi, 128 Prospect Rd Prospect SA 5082:

for the general purposes of that or any successor organisation, and I direct that the receipt of the Company Secretary or other duly authorised officer of Nature Foundation Ltd shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executors.”

If you wish to leave a gift specifically for the Forever Nature Fund, please speak to your lawyer or contact Patrick Mentzel – Philanthropy Coordinator on 08 8340 2880 or [email protected] about how to do this.

Photo: Alex Nankivell

To Donate

We look forward to starting the journey towards our ambitious target of $20m by 2030, to enable us to acquire land at a scale that provides high impact and sustainable nature conservation. Your donation will greatly help us reach our goal to protect Australian landscapes in perpetuity.

If you prefer to make a once-off donation with a credit card or EFT transfer you can download a form.

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Thank you

Nature Foundation greatly appreciates your considered contribution to the Forever Nature Fund. Together we can protect nature now, for the future, and forever.



For more information

Find out more about the Forever Nature Fund in our brochure  or call us for a confidential discussion or meeting at our office on +618 8340 2880 or email us on [email protected]

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