2023 Mike Bull Award winner: Stephen Zozaya

August 19, 2023

Stephen Zozaya (Australian National University) is the 2023 winner of the Mike Bull Award for Early Career Nature Scientists. Stephen does fantastic work with some rather overlooked species of skinks and has already made some great progress. In his words:

Stephen-Zozaya-Lerista-skink.jpg"This award is funding field-based research to better understand the ecology and distributions of Lerista skinks in northern Queensland, as well as setting the groundwork for long-term study to assess if and how factors such as cattle grazing and fire might threaten these species. One stint of fieldwork has already taken place, during which my students (Wesley Read & Scott Macor) and I found new populations of several Lerista species, including significant geographic range extensions for L. parameles and L. vanderduysi. Fieldwork over the next year will explore new areas and establish sites for long-term monitoring."

This award was established in memory of the late Professor Mike Bull who made notable contributions to the scientific community and was an inspiration to many.

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