ALCA's PLC23 Unite for Nature conference

August 24, 2023

Nature Foundation is a proud sponsor of the Australian Land Conservation Alliance’s annual conference - PLC23 Unite for Nature, being held on Ngunnawal country at the National Convention Centre in Canberra from 16-18 October 2023.

It’s a great opportunity to come together and progress the knowledge and capacity of the private land conservation sector, and those working to reverse nature loss.

ALCA’s annual private land conservation conference brings the land conservation sector together through a shared vision of a healthy and resilient Australia.

Nature’s central role as the keystone of our wellbeing, food security, economies and cultures is well recognised. From parliament to community, around dinner tables and board tables, at farm gates and school gates, society is taking note and taking steps to remedy the declining condition of our natural environment. Together, we are driven by our collective responsibility to stem the tide of loss and decline.

Private land conservation addresses some of the most pressing conservation issues across the country, and is uniting the work and vision of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, landholders, scientists, farmers, businesses and nature conservancies. Together, we can reverse nature loss for a healthy and resilient Australia.

The conference continues to bring unparalleled opportunity to come together to support and progress sector knowledge and capacity. In response to the unfolding nature crisis, the conference will highlight the increasingly critical role of private land conservation and showcase the innovative collaborations, long-standing partnerships and visionary thinking that are unlocking finance, galvanising action and forging networks to help the ongoing, urgent management, protection and restoration of Country.

Learn more about and register for the conference here.

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