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Witchelina Nature Reserve carbon project
March 15, 2022

Liam Crook our Nature Solutions Program Coordinator recently supported GreenCollar's assessment of Witchelina Nature Reserve as a potential Human Induced Regeneration carbon project, which increases carbon sequestration by adjusting land management practices.


KoC gets commendation!
November 04, 2021

Nature Foundation's Kids on Country (KoC) program is garnering positive recognition for its significant impact on young Aboriginal participants, as attested by Steve, a coach driver involved in several camps. Steve has observed first-hand the transformation of quiet, reserved kids who, over the course of the program, become more open, sociable, and engaged in conservation and land management activities. The program's success is attributed to the dedicated efforts of Katie Perry, the Youth Programs Coordinator, Warren Milera, and their team in creating transformative experiences and fostering employability skills for young Aboriginal individuals.


Protecting land and vulnerable species, bit by bit
October 08, 2021

Nearly four and a half years ago Nature Foundation volunteer Coral Johnston and her siblings became proud owners of a large Riverland bushblock. It was just what she’d been searching for: natural scrub in good condition, surrounded by other good quality bushland and at more than 900 ha, it was larger than any other property she’d seen.


September 22, 2021

Recent Witchelina Nature Reserve visitor, Anne Dawes from nearby Farina Station, was on the hunt for evidence of Chinese market gardens, copper and gold! Picturesque Mirra Weir near Bungerider Well was Anne and her friends’ first destination after consulting with Property Manager Chris Reed.


Port Augusta Bird Observers Group at Witchelina
September 07, 2021

Last month Witchelina Nature Reserve was the destination for the Birds SA affiliated Port Augusta Bird Observers Group, The Babblers, who were keen to get snaps of the elusive Chestnut-breasted Whiteface recently sighted on the property. On their first afternoon, the seven birders headed to where the bird had been sighted. Although they spotted Mulga Parrots and White-breasted Woodswallows there was no joy on the Chestnut-breasted Whiteface.


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