Community Engagement

Our vision is inspiring people to connect with and conserve the natural habitat of South Australia for future generations.

Hiltaba Nature Reserve; photo James Dorey

We work closely with community groups to sustainably manage our state’s unique biodiversity for better environmental outcomes.

The Water For Nature program works closely with communities to source water and deliver community-driven projects that benefit wetlands and floodplains along the River Murray. Our Kids on Country program takes a unique approach to help address the low school retention rate of Aboriginal young people and improve community health and wellbeing.

Revitalising Private Conservation in South Australia works with existing and aspiring Heritage Agreement owners to provide advice, connect them with other land managers and resources, and provide grant funding opportunities for conservation work.

Nature Foundation is committed to providing vibrant experiences for our members, supporters and the broader community through a varied event program that includes opportunities to visit our nature reserves and engage in citizen science and conservation projects. We also provide community grants for education-based programs linking nature science with our reserves or projects.

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